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Additional Airline Fees

You will likely incur additional airline checked baggage fees that are not included in the price of the tour. These fees vary by airline and are at the airline’s discretion on each segment of the flight itinerary. Additionally, you may incur optional fees (food, excess baggage, overweight baggage, items of personal nature, etc.) as well.

Ticket Clause

Additional fees, not included in the price of the tour, vary by airline and will be at the airline’s discretion. Checked baggage fees are likely to be charged at check in for each segment of the flight itinerary, based on each specific airline’s policies. Such fees that may be incurred are:

  • Standard fees for any checked baggage
  • Overweight baggage fees
  • Excess baggage fees
  • Any others not mentioned

Baggage limitations and restrictions vary by airline. To avoid some of the fees, we recommend following the carrier guidelines that are the most restrictive, as numerous airlines may be involved with your reservation. This is especially true for reservations that include supplemental flights to the transatlantic segment. You will find links to each airline’s baggage guidelines below:


September 14-21, 2023

Taste of Bordeaux 2023

with Fr. Damian McElroy

7-night cruise featuring fine dining with hand-selected wine & beer and small group guided shore excursions

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with Fr. Damian McElroy

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